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Our Mission

OakPrime Capital is in the business of rebuilding communities and ushering a new era of commercial and residential development in Detroit. We are on a mission to re-energize the spirit of the city, unlock opportunity for its economy and people, and kindle sentiments that attract investment and new residents seeking a piece of Detroit’s history, culture, sports, gastronomy, waterfront skyscrapers, classic car events and electronic music festivals.

Our business objectives and personal aspirations for the city we love so much are interconnected. We believe that real estate development, grassroots activation and community participation from people as well as local businesses and institutions – can together create synergies needed to take Detroit to greater heights and empower our great city to weather economic storms with stolidity and grace.

About Us

Detroit is not in a state of flux, it is adapting and on its way to emerging victorious. The city's history is already profound, but it is on course to becoming even more special. And OakPrime believes we can contribute to Detroit's ongoing story of strength and resilience.

What part will we play? Our real estate restoration and development focuses on delivering quality and preserving the originality and integrity of the city's historic buildings and time-tested community spaces. Our goal is not to build and leave, but spawn happy, involved communities that flourish and grow.

We are especially passionate about developing and renovating community/public spaces where connections are made, barriers break down, and everyone comes together as one, forgetting superficial distinctions of class, religion or race. We want to find and enhance the beauty and potential of community gardens, public facilities and community centers.

We are off to a positive start, and strive to go the extra mile to create a better Detroit with its mind willing to conquer new frontiers and its heart in the right place.

Board of Directors

Javier De Paz

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Javier committed himself to studying and investing in real estate in the U.S and abroad.

Javier is a visionary leader with passion for improving communities and forging bridges between communities and organizations. In his previous role as Associate Director of Social Justice and Civic Engagement at Holy Names University, Javier organized conferences to bring the community ( 400+ members) together to talk about ways to solve issues impacting the community. He raised funds for students to engage in civic and enrichment activities.

For the past five years, Javier has helped led transnational delegations to perform community development projects in rural El Salvador. Projects include : grants for job creation projects, scholarships for four-year colleges/Universities and health care fairs.

His community development work has been featured on Telemundo, Univisión, and KPFA Radio. Most recently, Javier De Paz earned the prestigious Cesar Chavez Award from the city of Oakland, California.

Our Projects

Detroit is not in a state of flux, it is adapting and on its way to emerging victorious. The city’s history is already profound, but it is on course to becoming even more special.


Single Family Homes

In the 1920s, high wage-earning automotive workers either built or bought their own single-family homes, a stark contrast from New York’s apartment homes and Philadelphia’s. . . Read More 


Multi Family Homes

Some of the city’s most beautiful abandoned homes are multi-family residences that fit the character of the neighborhood. . . Read More


New Developments

More than ever before, the city needs a shot in the arm in the form of new real estate development. Our approach is to target both areas in dire need of . . . Read More


Community Build-Up

We are enthusiastic about unifying people around activities and events at safe, comfortable and appealing spaces. From community centers to gardens, we will dedicate ourselves to. . . Read More

From Our Blog

Keep track of major community news, events and real estate developments. This is your one-stop source for important trends and insights that will help you understand the rebuilding and transformation of your community and city.


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